Wakanda has been conquered, its Vibranium reserves plundered. Storm faces execution in the next 48 hours. And Dr. Doom stands triumphant. It will take the combined forces of the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the two Black Panthers to stand against him. A war has begun that will pit the world’s most relentless super villain against a collection of the world’s most powerful super heroes–one that will span the globe, offering twists and turns and surprise players (hello Deadpool!) that neither side will see coming. Collecting Doomwar #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.

This collection is must read material which compliments Black Panther stories from 2005 to 2009. We recommend reading  “Black Panther: Deadliest of the Species” and “Black Panther: Power” before diving into this tasty morsel. Only one word does this series justice “Epic” . This collection is rated 4.51/5

33 thoughts on “Doomwar

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  31. Ran across this posting and was motivated to re read the Doom War GN
    Glad of that for I was reminded of what and over all great piece of work it is with plenty of striking art and a really engaging and effective story .”.Epic” truly does describe this story arc.
    I would like to make a few specific comment
    Regarding Doom and his total and genuine heartfelt certainty that only in the imposition of Doom World can save world and allow it prosper. To my ears this has the echo of a Pol Pot or an Adolph Hitler( and all those similar politicians and generals ) who believed that they were doing the their people and the world by building them a utopia at all costs . I thought this was a thoughtful bit of writing
    And I would add that sincerity does not validate atrocity .
    I note Doom’s sorcererous confirmation of his belief that Doom World is the Earth’s only hope of salvation and speculate that his necromancy unconsciously gave him the result he so very much desire
    Regarding T’Challa’s act of rendering all of Wakanda’s vibranium inert not only to keep it out Of Doom’s hands and save the world from his authoritarian brave new world but also he understood that his people’s over reliance on that resource was bad and harmful to his people and his country ( like the oil in Mexico or Venezuela or all that South American gold in Imperial Spain ) . And he trusted and believed in his country men enough that he was confident they could re build their great nation and achieve even more without it.I really like that the character is depicted as being so wise and thoughtful and insightful
    I hope other writers do as good a job.
    Finally Doom put Storm through hell
    He really needs to pay for that
    With interest.

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