Founded in 2010 by Ryan Fraser

World of Black heroes is a website dedicated to following the portrayal of Black heroes; Black here is a term loosely being used to refer to the racial group of humans with dark skin color, to categorize a number of diverse populations into one common group. This list includes African American characters, characters of sub-Saharan African descent, Australian indigenous people, dark skinned Latinos or populations characterized by dark skin color (a definition that also includes certain populations in Oceania, Southeast Asia, southern South Asia, and the southern Middle East). World of Black Heroes will bring you everything on these characters in comics, movies, on TV, books and the people who bring them to ya!

We are a hub relating to Black Superhero comic Reviews, Black Superhero News, Black Superhero Previews, and character Bios; Black Supervillains and Black Superheroes; for mainstream and independent comics alike.

We are also the only Black Superhero website with Black Superhero Sales Figures for your Black comics and Black superhero debates/battles.

After some terrible racist backlash towards the site we have also included Real Life Black Heroes, Beautiful Black Men and Beautiful Black Women sections to show that blacks are not just beautiful in the world of fiction.

We also strive to be the one stop spot for Interviews related to Black Superheroes, on black writers, artists and the biggest and best Black Superhero art and Cosplay Pictures Gallery.

Also if you like what we’re doing be sure to follow us on Facebook, Youtube, Google+,  Twitter , and Tumblr 😀

Are you a black independent comic creator? or artist? or do you have a black character in need of some spotlight? contact us @ Worldofblackheroes@gmail.com.


No Racism - Simply due Respect

No Racism – Simply due Respect

Disclaimer: It’s come to my attention that some perceive this website as “racist” because we only showcase heroes of color. It is important to note WHY a website such as this one is important in the comics industry: first off all the big comic book websites out there such as IGN, Comicvine, CBR, Newsara shine the spotlight on characters such as Wolverine, Captain America, Batman and Superman 95% of the time. That means the thousands of black characters have a 5% chance for coverage on these websites and that’s when they are actually in the latest crossover or staring in their own ongoing series, which I might add is a very rare occurrence. This website is also valid for the purpose of giving the masses knowledge on the many other black superheroes outside of Static shock, Storm and Green Lantern/John Stewart; there are literally thousands of Black Superheroes out there but so few get the attention they deserve. As further proof of our equality stance I guarantee if you peruse anywhere on this website you will find not a single word espoused by me about the superiority of one race or gender over another. I firmly believe in the equality of races whether White, Arab, Black, Indian, Native American or Asian. All we do here on World of Black Heroes is shine light on the often neglected “black” characters of the comic book medium.


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  1. I think this is a really interesting site for looking at Black identity and awareness. Might I suggest a section that looks at ongoing series that star Black characters (eg: Batwing, Blade, Spawn, Mister Terrific et al) and how they progress?



  2. I Just signed up to this site and i love it. I have been reading comics for almost 28 years and i love all the black heroes and villains. I was looking for some wallpapers of black comic characters and came up on your site. I will be coming here for now on.

  3. This is a fantastic site. I’ve only seen it for about 5 minutes but I’ve been looking for something like it for years. You’ve truly made the world a better place for the black comic fan.

  4. Thank you for the creation of this site. Very important. Was inquiring if u guys sold figurines of any of these characters or if u knew where I can go to purhase figurines of black superheroes. Thank you.

  5. Came from Comicvine after I saw your World of Black heroes list. Loved it,btw.
    But yeah,I agree.I mean,I don’t think that the races of the characters have to do with why they are popular (currently,anyway.Back then….),however,there are SO MUCH characters that are not even noticed and foreshadowed by other characters.May I add that there are many of these characters that are black,so I can definitely see your point lol

    Anyway,great site.Can I add,are you willing to do any for characters that aren’t black that need recognition? This may sound a bit..much,but I am kinda begging.Any characters that you thought of bringing recognition to?
    I mean,to be completely honest,I love characters like Wonder Woman,Spiderman,Captain America,John Stewart,Steel,Hal Jordan,Mr terrific,etc (All DC and Marvel)… but there are characters (like the freedom fighters,Doom patrol,etc….LOVED THEM BTW,PRE NEW 52) that never get any spotlight because they are foreshadowed by the more popular crowd. So…can I just ask,if there is a new 52 Doom Patrol or Freedom Fighters,would you wanna review them or something.I hate to see these characters and books get cancelled just to be replaced with another Batman/Superman/Justice League book.Not only that,but it’s funny how it’s always replaced by either Batman or Superman,and NEVER Wonder Woman.It’s like DC doesn’t even knows that she exists…..

    Anyway,I am definitely rambling right now. Just a suggestion 🙂
    Keep up the good work on the site!
    (Anyway,just throwing this out there,but Sara from Comicvine is leaving!!)

    • “I mean,I don’t think that the races of the characters have to do with why they are popular (currently,anyway.Back then….)”

      You are SO damn wrong, it’s hilarious.

  6. First and foremost, I would just like to say: Thank You. Thank you so much for taking the time and consideration to start this site and to help spread the word of these amazing, fascinating and important characters to the “superhero/super villain” culture, and to the minority reality. I am in total and complete admiration and awe of your work.

    Secondly, please don’t ever stop what you are doing. The Black community needs things like this to help change the view of a society so engrained with this negative fabrication that has ensued for so many years.

    I am currently on a journey to discover more “color” in the comics/ superhero universe, and I am so glad that I stumbled across this site to serve as a resource. It will definitely help me in my quest to start a Black male youth social enterprise themed in superheroes!

    An Avid Fan For Life,


  7. i am from brazil,and i am kind of white becouse in my family we have mixed races black,native american from brazil and white,i will never undestand things why in america something like interracial marriage its a thing in america for white and black people and another things that here no one even cares,my favorite characters are Black Panther,Luke cage,Icon and Static hope things change in america,i think people need be more calm

    sorry about the english like i told i am from brazil

    thank everyone of this site

    • Thanks for sharing Olavo! Your English is fine!

      Estamos contentos de su disfrutando del sitio, yo mismo podría considerarse ‘mestizos’ ya que mi abuelo era alemán y mi abuela era cubana de mi lado de las madres. Mi padre por otro lado y su padre eran descendientes de los esclavos y eran mayoría ciertamente ‘negro’.


  8. I’ve been reading your site for years and am saddened though not surprised at the racist backlash. its that old analogy of the “other” 95% of the pie owned by a different group and when you want to even shine the spotlight on the 5% you have, its considered racist when it reality is pure xenophobia and blindness on their part. Please continue to keep up the good work and nice to see the broader definition to reflect, as you so nicely described, “black” represented across such a wide diversity of cultures and peoples. Ideally the day will come when there wouldn’t be a need for a site like this but we’re talking maybe 100 or 200 years from now the way things are going so at least this gives us something positive that WE can look to that reflects what WE look like vs. always having to defer to the current majority in this country.

  9. Dear Mr. Fraser,
    Thanks for making this site. When I was growing up, I didn’t see a lot of blacks on mainstream media. This shows that we have a lot of characters, but we need to give them more than a background appearance on a tv show. In addition, I know a lot more than my friends at school about these black superheroes. They tease me for it, but what are you gonna do. Again, thanks.


    • Your welcome Static! And don’t worry my friends used to tease me about my “useless knowledge” as well lol, it doesn’t seem so useless now…even to them 😉

      Let your geek flag fly high!

  10. This is an excellent site. Only been here 10 minutes and i love it. Will be subscribing. I’m trying to get a journalism degree now and would love to work for a site like this someday.

    • Glad to have you Greg! Incidentally we are looking for “guest” writers right now, send us an article and you may get published long before you get that journalism degree 🙂

      Work hard Greg getting qualified is the first step in the long battle of life.

  11. Just discovered this website, and I’m really glad I did! Thanks for your contributions. I had a crush on Static when I was a kid, so being able to so readily take a trip down nostalgia and memory lane on this site is really awesome.

  12. ..this is a SORELY needed site that was a long time coming.
    ..whenever we as afrikan Americans construct something for the betterment of our people & culture, white folks cry racist, yet, we are subjected to everything white on a daily basis.
    I’m a proud comic book geek who has always been concerned about the lack of not only black, but non-white superheroes in general within the entire comic book universe….reason being(for those still not in the know) our people(particularly our children) need to identify with these heroes….sure, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman & the plethora of white superheroes are classics with most of us, as we didn’t have a choice(& were/are bombarded with these heroes practically since birth), I personally have no qualms with these heroes, as they were examples of good, purity(for most) & justice(again, for most)….but they were mostly just one race.
    An Afrikan-American, Asian, Hispanic or Native American child will still find a level of difficulty fully identifying these white heroes solely on the basis of color/race…..when we see a superhero that’s the same color as us, it makes for easier absorption & also builds their confidence.
    ANYONE having the blatant nerve & gall to even THINK this website(or even my comments here) are “racist” are, themselves, the true racist.
    white folks are currently pissy over “the black Stormtrooper” in the “Star Wars Episode 7” teaser trailer, a black Johnny Storm in the new reboot of “Fantastic 4” & most currently, the interest of Sony to have Idris Alba POSSIBLY play James Bond…
    ….yet, they can release “Exodus” & not say a word.
    ..yes, unfortunately, it IS about race..they won’t say it, but they know it.
    So, keep educating the masses with this site, I hip people to this page all the time & every single one of them thanks me for doing so, because they – like myself & others here – have long dreamed of having/seeing such a site…this educates not only us, but ALL cultures..so this is good for all.
    As many white superheroes as there are in the comic universe, I hope to see an equivalent number of all non-white superheroes in the near future…level the playing field.
    Bless you & always keep expanding.

  13. Now if Michelle Rodriguez would have did her homework or went to google wiki and facebook she would have seen we have sites and anthologies and mythologies dedicated to the Mele-toned Culture.

  14. First off I just want to tell you that I absolutely love your site! I find it incredibly inspirational and hope to have characters of my own in your database one day. I read your disclaimer and noticed there’s a minor typo where it says “this is not the place for it.” There’s a question mark at the end of the sentence. I only wanted to bring that to your attention before the wrong person does.

  15. Hey Guys,

    I am a biracial, black, male, who has been watching Criminal Minds for many years, primarily because of the great black agent, Derek Morgan, who is Shemar Moore. Shemar is a role model for success that I strongly identify as a black man.

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